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Proper Introduction to MTB

I started cycling about 4 months ago. Okey, who am I kidding, lets say three months ago. The first month was learning how to ride a bike. Yes, another 20 something year old who skipped that part of childhood.

I didn’t think I’d get addicted to cycling. But here I am, taking challenges with every opportunity I get. For the first weekend of the year, my body definitely hated me for what I put her through. Joe and I decided to explore Champaign Ridge with a group of amazing people.

Joe and I normally do road cycling ( I fear the road 😢) This time, I wanted Joe to experience my type of rides, off roads. Rather what I thought off road cycling was. I have done forest trails with manageable hills. Nothing prepared me for what I experienced at Champaign Ridge.

The weather was the only thing that was working to my advantage 😂 The ride started with a steep climb. My nervous nature around new people didn’t make it any better. For a moment I had even forgotten how to get on my bike 😶 For a week, I was prepared mentally and physically to do the 40 km loop. That hill at the beginning quickly shifted my mindset to the 20 km loop.

As much as I didn’t get to see Zebras and an amazing view, I still enjoyed the ride. I really want to tell you how I died a little after each climb and how I fell 10 minutes into the ride and how the mbuzi and ugali slurped but no words could explain the experience. Its one of those you need to be there to feel the experience.

I hope these photos will do a better job.

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