Designer and developer devoted to crafting beautiful web experiences focused on simplicity and purpose.


Having worked with clients on web projects from ideation to launch, I have valuable experience in the design and development process. I currently work with Creative Consillium, developing brands such Dr. Patricia Muragami, and helped increase ecommerce sales for brands like Lets Drift

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UI/UX Design

I design websites and mobile apps with good customer experience base on the user research


Website Design & Development

I develop function websites based on the client’s business and technical needs. I use WordPress, Shopify or Squarespace


Motion Graphics

I create GIFs and short animations that can be used for social media marketing.

Selected Projects


ElimuBox is an online children book store that equips the modern parent with resources and learning ideas that will positively impact their child’s learning journey.

Lets Drift

Lets Drift is a lifestyle brand that offers subscription based hiking excursions in and around Kenya. Their unique model helped them create a huge loyal fanbase who needed an easy way to subscribe for these drifts.

FilmAid Kenya

FilmAid Kenya is an organization that harnesses the power of film to educate, inspire, and empower refugees and other vulnerable communities around the world.